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Dear Customer, welcome to Our Online Bullmastiff Dog Store. We are ready to offer you wide range of dog leashes, which are definitely a necessary accessory for dogs, just like collars.
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To choose it is a difficult experience. Our Bullmastiff Training Web Store is glad to offer you the wide range of leashes: nylon, leather, chain, tracking leashes, coupler and over the shoulder leashes. They are of 100% quality. Leashes which are presented in our Store are for different situations; they are of different colors, sizes and materials. We guarantee that the extra strong leashes that you can get from our store will serve you for a long time and will help you not only to handle your dog, but also to stand out of the mass of other dog owners. All the materials our leashes are made of are of high quality.
A leash is a link that connects a dog with his dog owner. The lead of a right size won’t cause your Bullmastiff discomfort. All the fittings of our leads are made of high quality metal which is a guarantee of durability and reliability. Remember that every dog owner must have leashes for different purposes. We have leashes that combine top quality and low price. Do not use a usual linen cord. A leash for a dog is as much important as a tie for a businessman. Easy order form will allow you to make a purchase quick and easy. And our support team is always ready to help you to choose accessories for your beloved pet! Leashes, collars, muzzles, dog toys and bite suits - all you need we have!
Each doggy should have a leash and a collar. Without a high quality lead a collar becomes an unnecessary and meaningless accessory, just a decoration. Leashes for walking have evolved with collars and today they are not only a link between the dogs and their owners. In urban conditions, in crowded places and traffic, a leash can become a so-called “lifesaver” for your doggie.
Leads differ depending on the material they are made of, and depending on the field of their usage. It is obvious that round leashes are useless during training. The main materials the leashes are being made of are nylon, natural and artificial leather, metal (chains). According to the field of usage the leashes can be divided on leashes, chains, cords, pull tabs, couplers, double hook leashes and roulette leads.
Choosing a leather leash you should take into consideration dog’s size and age, his character and breed. As far as for metal parts they are made of high quality materials and must be well welded. The strongest leash loses its advantages with a hook of a low quality. This snap hook can be purchased separately, especially if you own a massive four-legged companion.
If you are looking for training lead you should pay attention to nylon leashes of different length. The price depends on the length and on the reliability of the snap hook. Such leashes are timeproved and stand though large loads. Be attentive while choosing such leashes - despite of their good design, they can hurt your palms. And one more thing - your dog can gnaw even the strongest one without any difficulties. Always remember about it when you tether your pet.
If you need to hold your four-legged friend leashed for a some period of time, use a special cord with a buffer spring. Don’t rush for its good look and don’t buy chains made of twisted wire. The wire must be welded. And one more thing - remember about a reliable snap hook.
A chain can be also used to wean your Bullmastiff from chewing the leash. The length of such leashes does not exceed one and a half of a meter. They look good with metal collars. But remember that the weight of a metal leash and of a metal collar can make your pet feel uncomfortable. If you often leash your pet for a short period of time (i.e. going to the shop), use a double-hook leashes. Such leashes are usually 2 meters long and have several special rings. It allows you to regulate the length of the lead quickly and easily. It can also be used during training. In such cases pay attention to the leashes with double stitching and with no additional decorations (they can harm your palms).
If you are an owner of a large and massive dog, you should have a pull tab. It is a short leash, which contains one loop and a massive reliable snap hook. The disadvantages are short length and the impossibility of changing it.
In the case when you are walking with two dogs simultaneously, you should turn your attention to couplers. Such a leash is double-ended; it doesn’t twist but it can be difficult to walk with two dogs who are trying to go in two different directions.
Taking your Bullmastiff to a Dog Show, you will definitely need a show leash. These are special leashes for dog shows, which have quite a high price and are being chosen for each dog individually. Remember that a leash is one of the most important instruments of dog controlling; it will help you to secure your dog and the surrounding people.
So if you are eager to make your beloved pet’s life better, if you want to underline all his positive features Our Bullmastiff Breed E-store is ready to present you different kinds of high quality training equipment. Harnesses, muzzles for transportation, leashes for tracking, collars for walking in style, top quality dog toys and bite sleeves/covers - you can find all these dog training gear and many others in our Web Store.

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