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Bullmastiff Muzzle

Our Internet Bullmastiff Dog Training Equipment Store is glad to offer you a wide range of different muzzles for every breed. Nowadays dog muzzles are necessary accessories which are prescribed by law in many countries. We can offer you different models of muzzles among which you will definitely find the appropriate one.
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Leather or wire muzzles – it is upon you to decide what type of muzzle you need for your pet. Secure your dog and surrounding people. Remember, that a dog is, in the first place, an animal. As all animals your doggy also has instincts which he/she cannot resist sometimes.
We guarantee that our dog muzzles won't make any harm to your pet's health.
Leather dog muzzles will let your doggie feel rather free. High quality leather straps won't allow your dog to harm surrounding people. There is another key feature of leather dog muzzles, they don't harm your companion when he hits his snout. Also leather won't make any harm during walking when it is cold outside. Cozy system of fasteners will allow you to put the muzzle on/off your dog easily and it will help to fixate the muzzle on the dog's snout.
Wire muzzles will be useful for the owners of "serious", massive Bullmastiffs. Some muzzles presented in our web store have additional leather or Nappa padding, which protects dog's skin from rubbing. Being made of top quality steel wire, wire muzzles will serve you for a long time and will be a good way out for those dogs who have problems with obedience. You can also purchase wire muzzles with thermal insulation which are used for walking with your pet when it is frosty outside. It is not recommended to use such muzzles for walking during summer. Purchasing a muzzle you will be guaranteed to receive a necessary accessory of 100% quality which will cause no harm to your dog.
Choosing a muzzle for your pet, remember that your dog will have to remain muzzled for a long time. That's why it is so difficult to choose a muzzle, in spite of the wide variety of their forms and types. Often there are presented cone-shaped muzzles, but they are not comfortable because muzzles should 'lay' on the dog's snout, and not to tighten it.
Look for a muzzle of cylindrical form. Such form will allow your dog to open his jaw and put his tongue out. Dog muzzles are made of different materials; the most common materials are leather, metal, nylon and plastic. According to the form of a muzzle they are divided into basket, close-shape and bear-loop muzzles. Leather basket muzzles will perfectly suit for non-aggressive dogs. Being made of strong leather straps such muzzles will allow your dog to breathe and pant freely, put his tongue out. They are of a light weight. But there are plastic muzzles, which are lighter even than leather ones, but the problem is that they can crack when it is cold. Use plastic muzzles if your Bullmastiff companion is taking part in races, where every gram means a lot for a win. Choosing leather muzzles decide what material you want for a muzzle. For example, "leather" muzzle is made of genuine leather or of artificial leather.
Dog muzzles that are made of artificial leather cost less, but their service time is less too. Natural leather is much stronger and such leather muzzle will serve longer, but the price also will be higher. Pay your attention to special rivets that connect straps. Check if there are no burrs, and if these rivets are made of high quality material. Also it is important to check the fixation system of a muzzle.
If your four-legged companion used to wear a muzzle and doesn't try to put it off, you can choose one strap muzzle. Otherwise it is better to use a muzzle with a strap on forehead.
In the case if your Bullmastiff dog is aggressive or if he takes part in agitation trainings, it is appropriate to use wire muzzles. They are recommended to be used when the air temperature is above zero, because the dog's tongue can stick to the metal part of the muzzle during winter. You can protect your dog purchasing a wire muzzle with thermal insulation. Such muzzles are of rather heavy weight, so use them only in special occasions. Front metal grid (it can be also double) has decorative function, but also it will be a solution for a problem of picking up unnecessary things by your dog from the ground. If you decide to buy such a muzzle, you should know that grid bars must be vertical; it will decrease the chance of breaking your dog's teeth. Remember that wire muzzles have one unpleasant characteristic. Wearing it your dog can receive some traumas after attacking the object of aggression. It is recommended to use such muzzles for the owners of massive and aggressive dogs.
The muzzles of closed form are made of leather or synthetic materials. It will be difficult for a dog to bite wearing this type of a muzzle. Unlike metal muzzles, such muzzles can't harm, but do not leave dogs muzzled for a long time when it is hot (a dog perspires through his/her tongue).
The only advantage of this type of a muzzle - is that it has lighter weight comparing with the metal one.
Lately nylon dog muzzles have appeared; they have the form of so called bear-loop. They are fixated on the dog's snout with the help of "stickers"; it is recommended to use such kind of a muzzle for dog transportation, visiting a vet or friends.
Purchasing a muzzle remember that you buy it for your dog not for you, and it should be comfortable, first of all, do not buy a muzzle just because it is pretty.
Muzzles are not the only thing you can find in our Bullmastiff E-shop. Pay attention to our comfortable harnesses, durable nylon collars, stylish spiked collars, fashionable leather leashes, unique bite sleeves/covers and dog toys. They are made of 100% quality dog safe materials and are non-toxic; be sure there will be no problems with your dog's health.
Order the supplies you need and you won't regret!

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